A Bit about Us

Custom Countertops is a family owned and operated business that has paved a path in the industry for three generations. Frederick Petrarca Sr. laid the foundation for Fred Petrarca Jr. and Cindy Petrarca (owners) to run a successful business with a respected reputation amongst its peers and customers for over thirty years. This respected reputation of exceptional quality, distinctive craftsmanship and reliability paired with consistency continues to grow, due largely to the two sons, Brady Petrarca and Wayne Petrarca picking up the building blocks that were established before them.

"Since I started out in this business I knew I enjoyed building countertops and cabinets. Now that I have become older I thrive on the challenge of building anything I set my mind to. Its always gratifying to see your customers come back for whatever their needs and its always a pleasure when customers have unique projects in mind and have the trust in us to constuct it. The most rewarding part of this is that I get to share these work experiences with my two sons and craft them into life experiences that we will share for a long time to come."

 Fred Petrarca Jr.

"The job and the work are interesting, challenging and rewarding. It gives me independence, flexibility, motivation and the initiative to tap into my creativity. I am fortunate and grateful for being taught a trade and look forward to enhancing and honing my skills with one project at a time."

 Wayne Petrarca

"I simply enjoy the freedom of creativity. I value possessing the combination of knowhow and the ability to create something and bring it to light with what I feel is a fined tuned gift which wouldn't be possible if it were not for my grandfather and father paving the way. Then to see how your work is appreciated and admired, not only from the customers but from your family, friends and fellow peers is what continues to drive me to carry on the legacy of the family business and name".

 Brady Petrarca